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Mr. Briggs started in the business the day he turned 18 on January 31st 1984. He holds the following securities licenses: 6, 63, 26 and 65 and still to this day works personally with his long term established clients for retirement planning and investment risk management to provide an objective, comprehensive view of their financial status. His first 12 years were spent as a Financial Advisor with a 125 year old Fraternal Insurance Organization; the next 5 years were in the capacity of a Regional Vice President, running the number one office in the country.  In 2001 he decided to join his wife Kristin with her retirement planning firm Money Strategies of Michigan. Based on 10 years of market volatility, they saw a need to add a key element to their current practice and needed to expand and seek out a better risk adjusted asset management system for their clients. He partnered with an RIA Firm in late 2008 with the goal that the Fiduciary model was a much better path for both Advisors and their clients. “My focus was to build a national RIA model all Advisors would be attracted to”.

In December, 2010, Ron and Kristin launched their own RIA their own RIA which has grown substantially over the years and is still in existence.

Ron and Kristin also launched several other companies such as an insurance marketing organization, a pure marketing (print and online) company, a compliance company, a TAMP provider, and more.

Grass does not grow under Ron’s feet and his latest venture is to be part of growing POM Wealth Management. He is bring his years of experience and interests in his other ventures to help POM be a unique type of RIA that advisors can embrace. An RIA that truly puts the client’s interests first and focus on providing the best risk adjusted return the firm can generate through its 3rd party multi-manager approach.

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